Drip Profits

Kurt Elster

Put Your Lead Gen on Autopilot with Drip Email 

Save time & sell more to prospects and clients while you sleep

What if you could build a source of income without having to find new clients, that consistently brought you new projects automatically without you having to lift a finger?

How about keeping your clients happier than ever by connecting with them regularly, all automatically?

In this course I will show you step-by-step exactly how to start generating leads for your business on a daily basis while you sleep. The best part is that you could be fully setup in an afternoon.

How do I know it'll work? It's the very same system I used last year to get so many clients and projects that I grew my revenue by 8x. I literally booked myself solid, without networking or cold calls. 

This course is excellent for anyone looking to expand their lead generation and online sales. So if you don't want to manage a sales person and don't have enough time to do the selling yourself, then this course is perfect for you.

Here's what's in it for you:

  • We'll end the feast or famine cycle of freelancing
  • You'll sell you while you sleep
  • And you'll take back your time
  • Plus you'll learn how I made $10K in 72 hours with a single email

What you'll get:

  • 77 minutes of video training
  • Copy-and-paste email templates you can use right now
  • E-mail Content Calendar 
  • Plus presentation notes

What the video course covers:

  • The Opportunity
  • Follow-up Drips
  • Business Automation
  • Audience Segmenting
  • Structuring a Follow-up Sequence
  • Setting Up Drip
  • Automation Flows
  • Bonus Content

Still not convinced? Read these raving testimonials:

"After watching just the first 15 minutes, I was impressed. The info is actionable, the tone is accessible, and the message for freelancers is great: you can do less and earn more. But what I really love about Drip Profits is that it really helps freelancers and solo consultants understand the real value of marketing automation without getting lost in the weeds. Marketing automation can be complex-- this video helps even an email marketing newbie understand how to *apply* email automation to their business."
–Philip Morgan, My Content Sherpa
"Drip profits gives you the keys to providing ridiculous value to your clients. If you're wondering how you go from starving for work to drowning in clients, this course breaks down every step on that journey. Everything in the course is 'holy-shit' good. Kurt breaks down how to go from freelancer that clients try to haggle with to a valued and esteemed business consultant that clients are dying to invest in. Do yourself a favor and buy this course, it's a guaranteed investment that will easily double or triple your consulting revenue in just a few hours. Kurt knocked it out of the park on this course, and I can't recommend it enough."
–Robert Williams, Workshop
"As a long-time power user of Drip and marketing automation, I was concerned that I wouldn't learn anything new. While I knew HOW to do certain things in Drip, I learned a lot of specific details that I never thought of. Like having two lists and moving people from prospect to client automatically. I liked that I could see the actual settings that Kurt uses. It wasn't a theoretical "setup something like this" but "here's what's been working for me." Kurt's advice was concise and actionable, his scheduling suggestions removed some indecision I had (e.g. send 7 days? 14 days? how many?), and I loved his idea about integrating with payment platforms to automatically add subscribers. It's the best training I've seen for Drip or marketing automation in general without getting off the deep end into complex workflows, and since it's focused on service companies, that makes it easily understood."
–Eric Davis, Little Stream Software
"It couldn’t be any simpler. Kurt breaks down how to implement a simple marketing campaign that will get you clients all year long. Very valuable, I’ve already started implementing this.” 
– Bobby Hewitt, Creative Thirst

Why wait? Buy now with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why put off automating your sales pipeline? You can buy Drip Profits right now for only $97. (The email template alone are worth that.) The course comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. Seriously, if you're not happy for any reason, I'll refund your money with 15 days of your purchase.

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get instant access to over one hour of training video, 7 copy & paste email templates, plus bonus content.


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